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Radio reception

From: Hans Ostnell <>
Date: 02/22/2012 11:47PM
Subject: Reception report from Arctic Norway, Radio Iasi-1053

Dear Sirs,

My name is Hans Ostnell and I'm living in Vardo, the easternmost point in Norway in the extreme north of Scandinavia. The town of Vardo is actually located on a small island in the Barents Sea, about 2 km from the mainland. One of my favorite hobbies is "hunting for" and receiving distant radio stations, especially on mediumwave. It's my pleasure to report the reception of Radio Iasi on 1053 KHz mediumwave on September 7 2011 at 21:35 hours your local time (which corresponds with September 7, 18:35 hours UTC). I hope you don't mind me sending this report after such a long time after the reception of your station.

I have enclosed a short audio clip in mp3-format of my reception of your station, and hope that the file size doesn't cause any problems for you. The audio clip contains an announcement with your station identification, including transmitting frequencies, received at 19:00 your local time. I hope that the audio clip represents satisfying evidence of the reception of your station.

I was actually listening from my job, where I have some of my portable equipment. I was using a portable receiver; Sony ICF-2010 and an outdoor portable antenna system consisting of two phased loops, both 18 meters in cirkumference. Propagation this evening was quite good into southeastern Europe and the middle east, and there was not much static noise on the mediumwave band at the time of reception.

A little something about myself: I'm 45 years old and I'm working as manager for the coastal radio station Vardo Radio (callsign LGV), serving ships in the Barents Sea with maritime safety information and weather forecasts on VHF, maritime mediumwave and shortwave. Regarding this radio listening hobby of mine, I've been doing this since 1980 and I'm also a radio amateur, holding the Norwegian callsign LA2MOA.

I would be very happy if my reception of Radio Iasi is confirmed as correct. Such a confirmation would be a nice remembrance of this contact with your station. An e-mail will do nicely.

Thank you for your time and kind regards,

Hans Ostnell
Kommandantveien 12
NO-9950 Vardo

Gunter JACOB, Germania, 12 mai 2011/12 septembrie 2010


Jim Solatie, Finlanda, 2 mai 2011


Dimitri Vinogradov, Moscova, 23 aprilie 2011


Harry Holm, Suedia, 17 februarie 2011



„Dr. Nicolae TOMESCU – Redactor Şef
Radio Iaşi

Bună ziua! Am ascultat Radio Iaşi pe 90.8 FM la 1 iulie 2010 la 14:07-14:12 (ora română), în Finlanda. Anexez fişier mp3 despre recepţie. Receiver: Sony XDR-F1HD. Antena: Triax 8 Yagi element. Detalii: Ora română La ora 14:07 Program “Radio Iaşi dedicaţii”. Un editor doamnă vorbea la telefon cu ascultătorii. Ea a primit dedicaţii. În primul rând ea vorbea cu o femeie, apoi cu un bărbat. Omul a menţionat „Radio Iaşi” de două ori. La ora 14:09 identificare (o femeie): „Radio Iaşi... decicaţii”. La ora 14:09 Muzică de folclor din România (Sorin Filip).

Posturile de radio din România (FM), pot fi auzite de mai multe ori în timpul verii (în timpul „sporadic E” condiţii). Am 55 de ani, căsătorit şi am trei fii, 29, 27 şi 21 de ani. Eu sunt un medic specialist. Lucrez în calitate de director general al companiei de îngrijire mare medical în Joensuu, Finlanda de est, soţia mea este o asistentă medicală de sănătate publică. Eu locuiesc aproape de Tohmajarvi, 400 km nord-est de Helsinki, dar am de lucru în Joensuu, capitala regiunii. Aştept cu nerăbdare să auzim de la tine în viitorul apropiat!

                                               Salutări, Dr. Jari Korhonen”

„I sent you two e-mails expressing my happiness ('bukurie') due to good reception of  Radio Iasi here in Sweden.
I sent you detailed accounts regarding my listening conditions.   
Dear Friends of Radio   Iaşi: In addition to my e-mail, I want to inform you about extraordinary reception today of Radio Iaşi on 1053 KHz. Normally the station disappears in the morning, with daylight, but this morning I am still able to hear the transmission at 11:00 hours local time, 12:00 your time, when I can hear the details news-ştiri. Reception was excellent from 1000 to 11:20 your time, SINPO 55444, then a 5 minutes fading down period, heard again until a new fading period at 1135 Romanian time, but still heard again although weaker. First I heard a Radio Romania Regional programme, but at 11:00 your time News, at 1102 PRIN MOLDOVA with Christian Popovich about agriculture. 11:10 Popular music and 1112 hours a presentation of Cuca commune, Galaţi. 11:27 hours Ballad in English. 11:29 Identification Radio Iaşi 1053 kHz and telephone numbers. 11:31 hours Folk dance. I have given these details to show you the reception quality. I was again using a small Chinese receiver with a turnable loop antenna, built in a banana box, in your direction. I am sure you will appreciate this proof of the excellent coverage of Radio Iaşi medium waves.
Your confirmation of my report and your comments are always welcome! Kind regards, Ullmar Qvick!”

Stimate Dr. Nicolae Tomescu!
Bucuria când am găsit scrisoarea mea pe site-ul (Radio Iaşi) a fost foarte mare. Vă mulţumesc pentru onoarea pe care mi-aţi arătat-o. Postul de radio continuă să fie auzit aproape tot timpul aici, în centrul Suediei. Sper şi cred că prietenia noastră, interesul meu pentru cultura română, vor continua. Prietenii mei sunt conştienţi de contactul meu cu Radio . Am spus deja despre articol (ce ar trebui să scriu). Voi trimite o copie a articolului prin e-mail.
Cu cele mai calde salutări de la un prieten şi ascultător în Suedia!
Ullmar Qvick


Dear Sirs,
GREETINGS FROM FINLAND!!! My name is Jarmo Havukunnas, I'm 42-year-old lawyer and I'm currently running my own law office. I have a wife and three beautiful daughters aged 11, 9 and 6 years. I live in a small village called Veikkola, which belongs to the city of Kirkkonummi situating in Southern Finland in the neighborhood of Espoo and Helsinki, the capital of Finland.
My hobbies include ice-hockey, astronomy, playing bass-guitar in a band ( and fishing, but my dearest hobby is monitoring AM-radio-signals, DXing. I have had this DXing-hobby since 1978.
Some time ago I got home from my one week vacation in South-Westernmost part of Finland – the Åland Islands, which are located between Finland and Sweden in Baltic Sea. I was there in a small village called ”Eckerö” situating 30 kilometers west of the Mariehamn city. And I was there for one reason only; to monitor AM band and to catch rare and distant AM-radio signals. And I must say this time I was truly lucky. I heard many AM-stations that are rarely heard in Finland, one being yours!!! As a receiver I had JRC NRD-535D, high quality communications receivers, and as an antenna I had 300 meter long longwire-antenna, directed to Southern England.

30th of April 2009 was the lucky day! On that day the conditions were great especially towards Eastern Europe and at one time I was also listening to 1053 AM. That frequency is usually occupied by British station TalkSport, so whenever there is any other station audible I will always stay for a while to see if I can identify the station. And as I said, this time I was truly lucky!! At 22.00 your local time (19.00 UTC) I heard your station identification. Luckily I was able to record that identification!!! And I have attached it to this message as mp3-clip.

I would be very happy if you could let me know what you think about this p3-clip. Can you recognize it as your identification? Even a short note would do. And if you want to make this distant listener really very happy, I would also appreciate it very much if you could send me little something (like sticker, coverage map, program schedule or something like that) through snail-mail to my collection. That would be a great memory for me from Radio Iasi and this unusual reception of your signals. I understand that replying by snail-mail takes more time, resources and costs for you than e-mail reply. But I still hope that you´d got couple of minutes to spare to make one distant listener very very happy!
In my collection I already have over 2.500 letters from AM-stations all over the world, and I would love to get one from Radio Iasi, too.
I have also attached to this message a photo of me in front of my monitoring equipment. The photo was taken on this monitoring expedition in Lapland last October.
Anyway, I would also like to wish you and all the staff of Radio Iasi all the best in the future and the best of success in all your endeavors. Hopefully I´ll have the opportunity to tune in again another time, when I´ll be in Åland Islands again. I'm truly looking forwards to hear from you, soon.

Yours Sincerely,
Jarmo Havukunnas
Kuusikuja 3 C
FI-02880 Veikkola


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